Shri S N Jhunjhunwala

Chairman, Manovikas Kendra

“If you want others to be happy practice compassion.....”

Dr. Sharada Fatehpuria

Chairperson Emeritus, Manovikas Kendra

“You were born with Wings. Learn to use them and Fly.”

Manovikas Kendra

  • Centre for Assessment and Therapy
  • Center for Inclusive Education
  • Biomedical Research and Diagnostic Centre
  • Manochetna Academic Research Centre
  • Teachers’ Training Centre
  • New Alipore Unit
  • Dhankhet Manovikas Kendra

Light is hope and in light we see true compassion. Let us join hands and take up the challenges facing us and hope for a bright future. Only then in an ambience of hope and positivity we can help to bring about a smile on the face of every child.


Student's Corner

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