Manochetna Academic and Research Centre (MARC)

Manochetna aims to help at –risk children in mainstream schools in an effective manner. Learning Difficulties of children in mainstream schools are identified and appropriate intervention is provided for remediation. Manovikas Kendra (MVK) has been working in the field of Learning Disabilities for over four decades. Its ‘Reach India’ project was launched in 2005 and has benefited approximately 1000 selected vulnerable children with Learning Difficulties in 25 government –aided schools in South Kolkata. Manovikas Kendra started its wing Manochetna Academic and Research (MARC) on 7 September, 2012 with the motto ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Dr. Arundhati Sarkar

Director, MARC

Phone: 033-4001 2732-35

Teaching with compassion and learning with passion’ Motto of Manochetna.

Services Offered by Manochetna Academic and Research Centre (Marc)

  • Provides regular after- school remedial classes for children with Learning Difficulties.
  • Provides one to one lesson and remedial lessons to children with Learning Difficulties within and after school hours.
  • Maintains regular communication with schools regarding a student’s performance.
  • Provides educational institutions with regular formal reports.
  • Conduct teaching skill enhancement course for teachers of mainstream schools.
  • Conduct awareness programmes for teachers, administrators, special educators and parents (Lecture, PPT Presentation and Interactive sessions) free of cost.
  • Provides counselling sessions for parents, children as well as teaching staffs of educational institutions.
  • Helps class teachers make informal identification of children with Learning Difficulties.
  • Conducts formal Psychometric Tests and Educational Assessments.
  • Manochetna Prepares formal reports for Learning Difficulty Accommodation for schools of the ICSE/CBSE boards.

Programs held and work done by Manochetna in 2018-19

March – May 2018  “Teacher Training at the Campus of Loreto Middleton Row”

Dr. Arundhati Sarkar along with Teacher Training  Centre of Loreto College trained teachers at the Campus of Loreto Middleton Row.

March-May 2018  “Advisory Committee of  Loreto Elliot Road”

Dr. Arundhati Sarkar was on advisory committee for Loreto Elliot Road for making the school into an ‘INCLUSIVE SCHOOL’.

March –May 2018 “Interviewing and in training at Loreto Elliot Road”
Dr. Arundhati Sarkar was Involved in advising Management Authority of Loreto Elliot Road as well as in interviewing and in training.

24th April 2018 “Round Table With Doctors – in partnership with Pediatric Society of West Bengal”

It was attended by renowned doctors in the field and it was a successful event. The Chief Guest of the  event was Dr. Arun K. Manglik., resident of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, W.B. Dr Arun Mittal , Head of Neonatal and Pediatric Department of Medica Hospital was the Chief Guest. Prof ( Dr.) Nilanjana Sanyal made a presentation on emotional needs of Children with Learning Difficulties’.

26th April 2018 “Teacher With A Heart”

An award ceremony to encourage compassionate teachers to cater to the divergent learners.

20 teachers from major schools of Kolkata, outskirts of Kolkata and from North Bengal were awarded for their outstanding contributions in helping in the growth of diverse learners & sustaining Inclusive set ups. The awardees were felicitated by Hon. Minister Dr. Shashi Panja. Guest of Honour : Mr Barun Chanda, Renowned actor and also Chairman of SSA: Mr Kartik Mannam were present at the event.

At the event welcome address was delivered by Director of MVk, Dr. Anamika Sinha. It was followed by keynote address by Dr. Arundhati Sarkar, Head of MARC, on ‘Efficacy of being a Teacher with a Heart ‘. This was followed by a lively discussion on the topic: ‘Inclusive Education is easier preached than practiced’. Panelists included eminent personalities such as : Prof. (Dr.) Anuttama Bannerji, Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Lohia, Ms. Amita Prasad and Ms. Ananya Chakraborti. This event was conducted by Mr. S.V. Raman.

10th Sept. 2018 “Interactive Session”

Team of teachers from National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research visited Manocheta for an inter-active session with Dr. Arundhati Sarkar.

19th & 21st  February 2019 “Internal Staff Training”

2 day workshop held for up-gradation of Manochetna Faculty Members.

April 2019 onwards “Consultant to Indus Valley World School”

Involved as consultant to Indus Valley World School in their endeavor to walk towards a robust ‘INCLUSIVE SCHOOL’ set up.

Other Activities

At present schools are sending students for regular assessments of Learning Difficulties, Remedial Teaching & Counseling.

  • There are other psychologists, pediatrics and doctors …who are sending referrals on regular basis.
  •  Progress of regular students ( after school ) –is commendable with many success stories.
  • Accommodation work is done for CBSE and CISCE.

Government / SSA School Projects( Free)

  • 250 + children from 5 schools are being supervised in teaching in primary schools.
  • Teachers are regularly trained by experts from MARC.


  • Manochetna is involved in major research work in various areas of Teaching-Learning process.

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