New Alipore Manovikas Kendra

An Extended Centre for special Education & Vocational Training
One of the branches of Manovikas Kendra, New Alipore unit is situated in 173'G' Block,New Alipore Kolkata- 700053. It has been donated by the philanthropic personality Late (Smt.) Namita Gupta. This center is working for the children with special needs. The ground floor is for the special remedial classes for the 'At Risk' children in the regular school, therapy session and looms as vocational training. The first floor is for the special education, pre-vocational and vocational skill training.

Mrs. Sharmila Dasgupta

Mrs. Sharmila Dasgupta

Incharge, New Alipore Unit

Phone: 033 40647790

Our vision is to enhance students' potentiality through identification and proper intervention, helping them to make a productive member of the society.

Different Sections

Preschool, School, Pre-vocational, Vocational, Adult Leisure Learning, Computer Education, Occupational Therapy, Care group.

The school  offers special education, remedial education, psychological testing and counselling , pre-vocational and vocational training, extended special classes after school timings.

Services Offered

  • Special Education
  • Remedial Education ,Pre-vocational and Vocational Training
  • Adult Leisure Learning Program
  • Computer Education
  • Psychological Testing and Counselling
  • Extended special classes beyond the school hours

Graphical representation of the number of cases in the year 2015-2016

Mental Retardation 2
Down Syndrome 10
Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder 1
Cerebral Palsy + Microcephaly 1
Specific Learning Disability 2
Autism Spectrum Disorder 11
Hearing Impaired 3
Muscular Dystrophy 1
Cerebral Palsy & ADHD 1

Different Vocational Trades and Products

Fancy bag, Napkin, purse, mobile cover,bed cover and table cloth are under tailoring unit.

Duster, Asan, carpet, mopping cloth etc are in the Loom unit. Candle, phenyl , hand wash Pen stand, Rakhi, Folders, cards are in Art & Craft.

Regular lunch and delicious snacks are a part of in canteen activity.

Participation in Various Cultural Programmes

Sl. No. Date Venue Organisor No. of student
1 6 July’15 16 to 20th August 23 to 26th Sep’15 Manovikas kendra My little fingers 5
2 05 December’15 St. Xavier’s College Basket Ball Ground St. Xavier’s Allumni Association 7
3 05 December’15 St. Xavier’s College Basket Ball Ground St. Xavier’s Allumni Association 7
4 09 January 2016 Deshapriya Park Oindrilla Jatiya Sangeet Academy 5
5 17 March 2016 Marwari Mahila Samity Marwari Mahila Samity All Students

Student Participating in Sit and Draw Competitions

Sl. No. Date Venue Organisor No. of student
1 01 July’15 Sciencity Sciencity 5
2 14 November’15 Swabhumi Tare zameen par 6
3 09 January 2016 Gajantala welfare society Gajantala welfare society 4
4 16 February 2016 Art workshop by Bani Prasanna Mentaid Mentaid 2 Students & 1 Teacher
5 06 March 2016 Beltala Girls High School Arunima Active 10

Special Achievement

Aasish Jha appeared in
  • All West Bengal colouring contest’15 with normal students, conductive by SIP Academy India, at SIP Abacus, Sakuntala Park in the month of November.
  • He won 3 prize at sec A, organize Prajukta coaching center on 21 Feb’15.

Participation in Other Events

Sl. No. Date Item Venue Organisor No. of student
1 08 October’15 Non thermal cooking and Embolish Lakshmipat Singhania Academy for Inter School test Lakshmipat Singhania Academy 6 students and 2 Teachers
  • Won 3 prize in Non Thermal cooking & Embolish (Board Decoration).
  • 5 Students cleard in OBE-C Level Examination. 2 students get stipend for assisting teachers.

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