Manochetna Academic And Research Centre (MARC)

Manochetna aims to help 'At Risk' children in Mainstream schools in an effective manner. Learning Difficulties of children in Mainstream schools are identified, appropriate intervention is given out for remediation of Learning Difficulties.

Dr. Arundhati Sarkar

Head, MARC


Teaching with compassion and learning with passion’ Motto of Manochetna.

Manovikas Kendra had been working in the field of Learning Disabilities for over 4 decades. It’s REACH INDIA project launched in 2005 , benefitted 1,000 selected vulnerable children with LD in 25 Government – aided schools in South Kolkata. MVK started it’s wing Manochetna Academic and Research th Centre on 7 September 2012 with a motto `NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND’.


  • Provides regular after school remedial classes for children with Learning Difficulties
  • Provides one to one lessons and remedial lessons to children with LD within the school hours
  • Maintains regular communication with the school regarding a student’s performance
  • Provides the institution with periodic formal reports
  • Conducts orientation courses for teachers and parents
  • Conducts awareness programmes for teachers, administrators, special educators and parents (Lecture , PPT Presentation and interactive sessions) free of cost
  • Helps teachers to make informal identification
  • Conducts formal Psychological and Educational assessments
  • Provides counseling sessions for teachers, parents and students


  • Parental workshop held in New Alipore Manochetna Centre on 29th & 30th June 2015.
  • Workshop for mainstream school teachers, special educators & administrators 25th August 2015.
  • November 2015 Manochetna celebrated Children’s Day in all Government schools of  ‘No Child Left Behind’ project.
    1. Children were given gifts and snacks.
    2. Cultural programme & Drawing competition were organized in school
  • Training 100 government school teachers of SSA on 8 December 2015


  • ‘Teacher with a Heart Award’ was announced by Manochetna in 2015. The Honorary recipient of the Award was renowned educator and teacher trainer : Ms. Uma Ahmed. Manochetna proposes the award to deserving teachers from mainstream schools of Kolkata every year.
  • Film on Learning Difficulties: ‘ We are One’, directed by Mr Abhijit Dasgupta and acted by Mr Barun Chandra was released by Manochetna on 8 December.
  • 2 Day Parental Workshop was held at New Alipore Manochetna Campus on 29 & 30 june 2015. It was attended by parents of major schools of Kolkata. First Day was dedicated to challenged children with moderate to severe ‘Learning Disabilities’, whereas, second day was dedicated for children with ‘ Learning Difficulties’ in mainstream school.
  • 1 Day Teacher Training was held at the main centre. Teachers attended in large number. Resource persons included Dr Nilanjana Sanyal, Dr Krithika Iyengar Saha, Dr Suvra Chunder & Dr Arundhati Sarkar on 25 August 2015.
  • Childrens’ Day was celebrated in the project schools of MARC and SSA. Drawing competitions and cultural programmes were held. Food packets and gifts were given out to all children.
  • 100 government school teachers under SSA attended a day long Teacher Training workshop on 8 December 2015. It was inaugurated by chairman of SSA: Mr Kartik Mannam. Resource person included :- Late Prof. Arup Ghoshal, Ms Uma Ahmed, Dr Sushil Bashistha, Dr Arundhati Sarkar, Dr Sweta Sah and Dr Suvra Chunder.
  • Manochetna Handbook on SLD was published and handed over to the Chairman of SSA: Mr Kartik Mannam by Dr Sharada Fatehpuria, Diector and Secretary General of Manochetna –MVK.

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