Manochetna Academic and Research Centre (MARC)

Manochetna aims to help at –risk children in mainstream schools in an effective manner. Learning Difficulties of children in mainstream schools are identified and appropriate intervention is provided for remediation. Manovikas Kendra (MVK) has been working in the field of Learning Disabilities for over four decades. Its ‘Reach India’ project was launched in 2005 and has benefited approximately 1000 selected vulnerable children with Learning Difficulties in 25 government –aided schools in South Kolkata. Manovikas Kendra started its wing Manochetna Academic and Research (MARC) on 7 September, 2012 with the motto ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Dr. Arundhati Sarkar

Director, MARC

Phone: 033-4001 2732-35

Teaching with compassion and learning with passion’ Motto of Manochetna.

Services Offered by Manochetna Academic and Research Centre (Marc)

  • Provides regular after- school remedial classes for children with Learning Difficulties.
  • Provides one to one lesson and remedial lessons to children with Learning Difficulties within and after school hours.
  • Maintains regular communication with schools regarding a student’s performance.
  • Provides educational institutions with regular formal reports.
  • Conduct teaching skill enhancement course for teachers of mainstream schools.
  • Conduct awareness programmes for teachers, administrators, special educators and parents (Lecture, PPT Presentation and Interactive sessions) free of cost.
  • Provides counselling sessions for parents, children as well as teaching staffs of educational institutions.
  • Helps class teachers make informal identification of children with Learning Difficulties.
  • Conducts formal Psychometric Tests and Educational Assessments.
  • Manochetna Prepares formal reports for Learning Difficulty Accommodation for schools of the ICSE/CBSE boards.

Programs held and work done by Manochetna in 2020-2021

13th May 2020 –  Webinar on Education and well being of young children and adolescents organised by Sister Nivedita University. Dr. Arundhati Sarkar along with Prof. Annuttama Bannerjee addressed 700 teachers, school and University administrators and parents.

28th & 29th July 2020 – Webinar of International Conference on Learning Diversity 2020 organised by Manochetna Academic and Research Centre, MVK, along with Department of Education, Calcutta University Chief Patron of the conference was: Vice – Chancellor of Calcutta University: Prof. Sonali Chakravarty. Resource persons included: Prof. Richard Rose, Chairperson Emeritus of Northhampton University, Prof. Jayanti Narayan, Former Dy- Director of National Institute of Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad, Prof .Nilanjana Sanyal, Former Head of the department Psychology, C.U, Prof .Anttama Banerjee,Leading mental Health professional, Prof. Suvra Chunder, Leading Mental Health Professional, Dr. Kishore Thomas, Faculty, NIMH Bangalore, Dr. Johnson Jament, University of Northampton campus , Bangalore, Prof. Habiba Hussain and Prof Rajeev Chatterjee from NITTTR and Mr R. Bernstein, Child Behaviour Therapist from USA. Even also saw presentat ion made by CEO of Maharashtra Dyslexia Association: Dr. Masarrat Khan, Mumbai, President of Madras Dyslexia Association: Mr. D. Chandrashekhar, Chairperson of Ummed: Ms. Salony Priya , Founder –Director of Trinayani: Ms. Ritika Sahni. 2 day event was attended by over 500 participants

5th September 2020 – West Bengal Child Protection and Child Rights organised a programme on ‘Challenges of teachers during Covid 19′ on Teachers’ Day . Dr. Arundhati Sarkar was one of the panellists.

Manochetna undertook research project (Survey method) on Education and mainstream school teacher’s role during the pandemic situation (on-going).

5th December 2020 –Reviewers meeting for publication of ICLD conference papers.

8th January 2021 –Manochetna organized training for Government school teachers along with MDA Chennai on Traditional Games. The programme was appreciated.

15th February 2021 – Manochetna was granted the Orkids India’s Bengali translation work for Screening of Children with Learning Disabilities . It was finished and submitted in April 2021 as due to the second wave of the pandemic, the workflow got staggered .

Projects And Events Accomplished & Proposed In 2021

28 April 2021-Engagement with Orkids Foundation: App Translation work in Bengali Language for Orkids
Foundation, India’s ‘ First Screen App’ ( a free App to identify Children with LD), completed and submitted.
17 June 2021 – Lecture session at the Department of Education, Calcutta University: Lecture session at the Department of Education, Calcutta University.
18 June 2021- Lecture session at the Department of Education, Calcutta University- Lecture session at the Department of Education, Calcutta University.
12 July 2021-A webinar organised by Edu Extension from Singapore on: Dr Arundhati Sarkar was the Key Speaker on Neurodiversity and learning –a role of mainstream school teachers at the webinar.
8 September 2021-Webinar on Communication and Learning during Pandemic: Webinar on Communication and Learning during Pandemic on 8th September 2021, Introductory Address by Dr. Arundhati Sarkar, Keynote Address by Mr. Robert Bernstien , Education and Behaviour Therapist, Speaker on Psychosocial Issues: Dr Anuttama Banerjee & Moderator & Speaker on Communication skills- Mr S.V. Raman.
September 2021-Publication work for International Conference (Final Approval for publication): Paper submissions finally send to reviewers for publication approval for International Conference on Learning Diversity 2020 Proceedings (ISBN No) with a deadline to publish selected papers by November 2021.
6 August 2021-Internal staff Training: Staff of Manochetna attended an online up-gradation of knowledge workshop for 3 hours.
6 -11th December th 2021-Webinar on Qualitative Research: Consultation work and ongoing student guidance work.
Future work :
1. Online short courses to be rolled in partnership with MDA, Chennai and Kalvi Foundation, Chennai, India.
2. Webinar on Communication and learning.
3. Virtual programme to be held on awareness of Learning Disabilities in November 2021.
4. Proposed research project to roll in partnership with RKM Vivekananda University.

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