Centre for Inclusive Education (Special School)

The centre for Inclusive Education is the Heart of the Institute. It caters to the need of children with Intellectual Challenge, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment etc. The special educators, Therapists and professionals are relentlessly at work in the Centre, to create enabling conditions for 300 plus ‘Differently-able’ Children. Our main centre is at E.M Bypass, Kolkata and we have a branch at New Alipore , Kolkata and an extended rural centre at Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas.

Mrs. Rinku Gaine

Mrs. Rinku Gaine


Phone: 033-40012736
Email: viceprincipal@manovikaskendra.org

We believe all students can achieve as every child is ‘able’ with the abilities it has.

Reaching Out Beyond Barriers...

In the session 2015 – 16, Centre for Inclusive Education has catered to the needs of all students through different programmes. The students attended Regular schooling, 145 students were enrolled in the extended program, 22 students attended Saturday club for various co-curricular activities. 17 students were under the placement project of Manodeep – where their works are regularly supervised & guidance are provided for improvement.

Graphical Representation of Students Strength 2016-2017

Students in various programme 2015-2016

The centre is divided into 5 units which are again divided into number of classes according to the functional level and Chronological Age of the child. They are:

PSU consists of two classes in morning and afternoon groups with 24 students. Curriculum of Pre- School focuses mainly on yoga, games, music, tabla, dance, computer awareness, audiovisual media, water activity, special art class, rhymes & speech therapy. They participate in intra house celebrations. Curriculum mainly focused on the trainings for their daily living activities and pre-academic skills.  Some therapeutic applications such as speech and language, Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy were very useful and effective for Preschoolers.

The newly introduced Play Therapy was very helpful for the students and a lot of improvement was noticed after the sessions.

In the year 2018-2019, there were 89 students in SCHOOL UNIT. Students participated in different cultural programs and also participated in various inter school & inter institution competitions . Few students of School Unit qualified the OBE selection test ,out of which 5 students successfully passed OBE-A level and were promoted to B level. This unit focuses on the social skill of the child along with functional academic.

HI unit has 3 divisions :
1. HI I + II (Junior) having students of age group of 10 to 12 years.
2. HI III (OBE) having students of age group of 12 years and above.
3. Pre-NIOS and NIOS secondary and senior secondary classes.

Our students apart from special education classes undergo speech therapy, dance therapy, yoga, games, language development, sensory integration, tabla classes. They are trained through group hearing aid. They communicate through speech reading, syllabification, oral aural approach. Teachers teach using total communication methods in the classroom.

The students also attended group counseling classes. They are trained using a group hearing-aid and communication through speech reading and oral – aural approach.

Vivek Kumar and Pushkar Singh have successfully passed OBE Level ‘A’ & B.

This unit also includes the Pre-NIOS and NIOS secondary and senior secondary classes which provide opportunities to those students who are unable to cope up with formal education in mainstream school and also to children with special needs.

There were 48 students in the Autism Wing. They participated in various cultural programs and won prizes. In Autism wing, the students received sensory integration therapy and various activities along with computer training through specialized software designed for students with Autism. They were also exposed to pre-vocational skills training (printing, punching, sorting and block printing).

Pre- Vocational unit cconsists of 9 classes with
109 students including the students of Open Basic Education (OBE) and
After School Program. In Pre Vocation unit, students who are involved
with canteen , are given preliminary training to prepare non thermal
dishes , how to serve & take order and even transact small amounts.
These students are given skill based training, vocational trainings to
enhance their readiness to work so that they can choose their future
placement as per their skills. Their performance is assessed periodically
which is recorded in the Pre Vocational Card. This year, the students
having interest in computer got opportunity in Multimedia training and at
the end of the session they participated in a workshop with their parents.
The students also participated in the in-house and outside programs.

During the session, 137 students enrolled in extended program. Students were provided with different kinds of activities: Computer awareness, art and craft, tabla, special education, pre- vocational skills and canteen related activities, functional academics, speech and communication skill, dance, photocopying, tailoring, operation of loom etc. At the end of the session there was a proper assessment and evaluation reports were given to them. The students participated in various cultural programs in school as well as in other places. They also participated
in Annual picnic, Annual sports with love and joy.

Saturday Club offering hobby classes on every Saturday which includes games, computer, tabla, art & craft and training to operate photocopy machine each class with a duration of 1hr. The students participates in our annual events which helps them to enhance their social and communication skills.

Educational Programme under NIOS

Mrs. Mahuya Chakraborty

School Coordinator & In-Charge, NIOS

Phone: 033 - 4001 2731
Email: niosincharge@manovikaskendra.org

In education, providing equal opportunity for all, is made possible through NIOS.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS): The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, provides opportunities to the children with special needs, (who,  for any reason, are unable to cope with the formal education system) and  helps them to pursue their education  by allowing  a lot of flexibility in the selection of the subjects, curriculum and the system of evaluation.


This Institute offers various courses under NIOS
  •  Open Basic Education (OBE) :   
  • Level A –  equivalent to Standard  III
  • Level  B  –  equivalent to Standard V
  • Level  C  –  equivalent to Standard VIII


  •  Secondary and Sr. Secondary courses  :
  •  Vocational Education Course – We offer   
  • a. Bakery &  Confectionery   b. Housekeeping

Through these courses students are able to learn different vocational skills to have economic independence.


Vocational Education Course – through these course students are able to learn different vocational skills and activities so far as the smooth functioning of their future is concerned.

7 students in Vocational course have passed with flying colors & 38 students successfully completed the OBE – Level A, B and C.

Case Studies

Speech Therapy

Basic service offered:

  • Hearing –aid care & Maintenance.
  • Parent’s Orientation Program. (Group & Individual)
  • Ear Check up/ Hearing Assessment
  • Teacher Orientation Program. (Group & Individual)
  • Auditory Training( group & individual)
  • Practical training of D.Ed students of Training College on speech therapy.
  • Language TrainingArticulation Correction. (Individual)
  • Reporting once in a year to the parents regarding Development.
  • Articulation Correction.
  • Voice Correction (Individual.)
  • Fluency Shaping Therapy. (Individual)
  • Evaluation after 6 months.

Outstanding Achievements:

Sanway Gupta: He is a 11 years old boy with down’s syndrome enrolled in our Speech Therapeutic Program from 2014. At the beginning he could not communicate verbally and language level was limited. His speech intelligibility was poor. Now he can communicate over phone. Also he canexpress humour verbally.


  • 27-29.4.2015

    3 students of WB College of Nursing, SSKM have visited our organisation and were placed for 3 days (9:30-12:00noon).

  • 28.4.2015

    23 students and 2 faculty members of B.Sc Nursing 3 year Woodland College of Nursing have visited MVK.

  • 12.05.2015

    33 students and 2 faculty members of GNM(3 Year) of Desun Nursing School
    have visited and oriented about the field.

  • 03.09.2015

    32 students and 2 faculty members of Shova Rani Nursing College have visited
    our organisation.

  • 09.10.2015

    36 students and 15 faculty members of Ruby General Hospital Ltd. (school of
    nursing) have visited our organisation.

  • 16.11.2015

    16 students( 11 of B.Sc and 5 of M.Sc students) of West Bengal Government
    College of Nursing visited our organisation.

  • 06.01.2016

    40 students and 1 faculty member of Pradip Centre For Autism Managment have
    visited our organisationand observed class rooms.

  • 22.01.2016

    30 students and 2 faculty members of Netaji Nagar College for Women have visited
    our organisation.

  • 28.01.2016

    9 students and 2 faculty members ( diploma course CP) of National Institute of
    Empowerment Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) chennai have visited
    our organisation.


Students from different school and institution involved in various activities with our MVK students throughout the year. They are Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Modern High School Kolkata, University of Hyderabad, Telangana and Tata Consultancy Service.

Modern High School, Kolkata

Aasthika Das and Shreyasi Ray of Modern High School, Kolkata have volunteered in our Annual Sports 2015-2016. They have celebrated the occasion of Christmas with our MVK students and had fun.


Sakshi  Agarwal  studying NIOS secondary level in Hearing Impaired unit. She has joined MVK in 2005. She has Bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with speech & language deficiency. She has undergone special schooling; speech & language therapy from the day after got admitted in MVK. After successfully completing OBE level A, B & C , she has enrolled herself under NIOS secondary curriculum. She successfully passed two subjects with flying colours and preparing herself for the rest of her subjects for next year. She shows ardent zeal for any activity be it her studies or other co-curricular activities. She has pleasant personality, behaved well and knows in what manner to act as per social norms. Presently it is notified enthusiastically that she tries from her own to comprehend any unknown events, facts or incidents spontaneously through speech. She communicates within class with her peers through oral-aural approach, has learnt to syllabify long words of the passage.


Placement / Internship

Students from Loreto college, Shri Shikshyatan College, NRS Medical College , Jindal Global Law School, B. M. Birla Medical College, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, Christ University , Bangalore , University of Calcutta were placed for internship in our institution and they worked with the teachers with positive attitude.


DPS, Ruby Park have visited our institution twice a month for half an hour and they interacted and involved our students in various activities like music, dance, painting. They conducted interaction and fun sessions, narrating stories, making paper models, art & craft works etc. They celebrated Rakha Bandhan and distributed gifts which contained Rakhi and chocolates. During the Joy of Giving Week they put up a cultural performance for our students and distributed toys and gifts. They also played a Football Tournament . During the NIOS Examination, they write on behalf of the students who require Writer.


Members of TCS under the supervision of Mr. Sagar Dutta and coordinated by Supriya Agarwal and Vishal Prasad volunteered in our Saturday Club and assisted our Teachers and conducting classes. Supriya Agarwal and Vishal Prasad volunteered in our Annual Sports. They also organised a Sports events in our institution to celebrate Independence Day. They developed a ALP(Adult Literacy Program) software for our students. They organised the cultural program Prothsahan for the students.. They have organised a Spell B Competition and given token to our students.A Dental Checkup Camp has been organized by the members of TCS. The students of Saturday Club and Extended program attended the camp.


Dr. Souvik De(HOD – CSE), Dr. Paroma Bhowmik (IT, Professor) and Mr. Rudranath Banerjee (CSE) from Techo India developed a software for students with ASD, which was initially installed in 4 Tablets to be used in classrooms. Later on it was developed and installed in desktop to make learnings easier


We express our sincere thanks to Titagarh Wagons Limited for the contribution and support to Dhankhet Manovikas Kendra under their CSR activities.

Our special thanks to Mr. Pradip Sengupta of Smriti Sengupta Pathagar, for his contribution our special need children.

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