Centre for Inclusive Education (Special School)

The centre for Inclusive Education is the Heart of the Institute. It caters to the need of children with Intellectual Challenge, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment etc. The special educators, Therapists and professionals are relentlessly at work in the Centre, to create enabling conditions for 300 plus ‘Differently-able’ Children. Our main centre is at E.M Bypass, Kolkata and we have a branch at New Alipore , Kolkata and an extended rural centre at Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas.


Mrs. Rinku Gaine

Mrs. Rinku Gaine


Phone: 033-40012736
Email: schooldept.2010@gmail.com

We believe all students can achieve as every child is ‘able’ with the abilities it has.

The centre is divided into 5 units which are again divided into 32 classes according to the functional level and chronological age of the child. They are:

In the session 2019 – 20, Centre  for Education has catered to the needs of about 478  students through different programs as below :

The above 478 students are getting trained under different units (Unit details are provided in the chart under heading ‘School Department’ :

Graphical Representation of Students Strength 2019-2020

Students in various programme 2021-2022

The centre is divided into 5 units which are again divided into number of classes according to the functional level and Chronological Age of the child. They are:

Pre -School is the first place where a child experiences a structured and formal educational setting that has teachers and other children. The focus here is on developing independence in the children and academic skills come later. The classes help young children to learn according to their abilities and interests. Many curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted to ensure social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the child.

In 2020-2021, PSU catered to the needs of 15 students in two sections- PSU BEGINNERS and PSU JUNIOR. Students were taught via virtual modes throughout the session. They learnt various Co-Curricular activities such as Yoga, Games, Dance, Rhymes, Tabla, Music, Audio Visual stories, art and Craft along with their academics and therapies like Sensory and Speech therapy Language and Communication. This ensures holistic development of the young child.

After attaining their developmental goals in PSU, the students are then promoted to School Unit (SU). The focus of the curriculum in this unit is to develop socialization skills, along with functional academics and pre-vocational skill development. Students here receive additional therapeutic services as per their needs and are given ample opportunities to participate in several activities. In 2020-2021 there were 33 students and 3 students got selected for the Open Basic Education Program (OBE) level A. The teachers and students with the help of parents successfully overcame the barrier of virtual classes and everyone gradually got accustomed to the new method of classes. The students participated in many cultural programs and competitions.

This unit has 3 divisions

  • l HI I & II (Junior)- Having students aged between 10-12 years
  • l HI III (OBE)- Students aged 12 years and above
  • Pre NIOS and NIOS Secondary & Senior Secondary- Affiliated to NIOS

Students in this unit are taught using hearing aids and they communicate through speech reading, syllabification, and oral aural approach. This year all the students were taught via virtual modes which was an added challenge. Students were taught their respective subjects via video calls and worksheets were shared with them. Students completed their class works and sent them to the class teacher for correction. They also participated in all co curricular activities including games, yoga and music. To enhance their motivation, students were asked to engage in household chores that will help them to develop skills for independence. They spent quality time with parents and learnt to cook simple dishes during the lockdown.

AUTISM UNIT – The Autism unit is divided into 4 classes- Autism Beginners, Autism Junior, Autism School and Autism Pre- Vocational. Their curriculum includes functional academics (English/Bengali, Maths) and daily living activities like dressing up, eating, tying shoelaces etc to secure independence and pre -vocational skills. A wide range of co-curricular classes are provided to the students such as games, yoga, art and craft. Two exclusive classes are provided only for the students of the Autism unit-Dance Movement Therapy and Synthesizer class. A new program- Social Skills Class was started this year where students were taught the elementary skills of socialization such as making friends, initiating and sustaining conversations, taking turns, consent and permission.

The purpose of this class was to assist students with Autism to develop social skills because they have prominent difficulties with the same. In 2020-2021 there were 46 students in the 4 classes and 2 students have successfully completed the Open Basic Education Program (OBE) level A. On 2nd April, World Autism Awareness Day was celebrated to showcase the spirit of artists with Autism. An Art Exhibition cum sale was organised by ‘Nirmaan’ in collaboration with Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC). Our student from ASD Junior Swastik Chattopadhyay received a prize money as his painting was selected for sale.

PRE VOCATIONAL UNIT: The Pre-Vocational unit consists of 9 classes including the Open Basic Education (OBE) Program and the After School Program. The focus here is to assist the students to learn certain skills that are prerequisites in professions, with the hope that they can obtain employment opportunities. Students here learn skill based training to enhance their readiness to work so that they can choose their preferred area of work, as per their skills and interests. In 2020-2021 there were 85 students in the Pre Vocational unit. They participated in yoga, games, non thermal cooking, music, dance, tabla, bakery and tailoring. All classes were conducted virtually this session.

Pre vocational skills: paper punching, cutting and stapling, use of scale, measurements, peeling vegetables.

Sorting: Money, food items (vegetables, fruits, dairy products and grocery).

Counting: Money, various objects stacking: Books, clothes, utensils Thread and needle work: Running stitch, stitching buttons Calendar activity Time concept Price tag reading/matching Tying knots, packing.

During the session, 161 students enrolled in extended program. Students were provided with different kinds of activities: Academic computer awareness, art & craft, tabla, special education, pre‐ vocational skills and canteen related activities, functional academics, speech & communication skill, photocopying, tailoring, etc. At the end of the session there was a proper assessment and evaluation reports were given to them. The students participated in various cultural programs in school as well as in other places. They also participated in Annual picnic, Annual sports with joy which helped them to enhance their social and communication skills.

Saturday Club offer hobby classes on every Saturday which includes games, computer, tabla, art & craft and training to operate photocopy machine each class. The students participate in our annual events too.

Educational Programme under NIOS

Mrs. Mahuya Chakraborty

School Coordinator & In-Charge, NIOS

Phone: 033 - 4001 2731
Email: niosincharge@manovikaskendra.org

In education, providing equal opportunity for all, is made possible through NIOS.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS): The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, provides opportunities to the children with special needs, ( who, for any reason, are unable to cope with the formal education system) and  helps them to pursue their education  by allowing  a lot of flexibility in the selection of the subjects  ,curriculum and the system of evaluation.

This Institute offers 3 courses under NIOS
  •  Open Basic Education (OBE) :   

Level A –  equivalent to Standard  III

Level  B  –  equivalent to Standard V

Level  C  –  equivalent to Standard VIII

  •  Secondary and Sr. Secondary courses :
  •  Vocational Education Course – We offer   
  • a. Bakery &  Confectionery   b. Housekeeping

Through these courses students are able to learn different vocational skills to have economic independence.

Student's Strength (2019-20)

• Open Basic Education (OBE)  : 87 students have successfully completed the OBE Level A, B & C.

Below are the highest scores in each level :

Level A- 92% Miss Ahana Dey, 86% Miss Bhoomi Jaiswal
Level B- Above 80% Master Ripon Mondal
Above 80% Miss Samraggi Brahmo
Above 80% Master Shouvik Das
Level C‐ Above 75% Master Anurag Das Chowdhury
Above 75% Master Sagnik Kirtania

Secondary and Sr. Secondary courses.
Secondary course– cleared 3 subjects with 65 %, Miss Anushka Chatterjee & Sr. Secondary course– 60% marks, Miss Halima Halder
Vocational Education Courses:
Bakery and Confectionery– Above 70%, Miss Sanjukta Pramanik
Above 70%, Miss Pragya Samajpati
House Keeping– Above 60%, Miss Srijita Basak

Case Studies

Speech Therapy

Basic service offered:

  • Hearing –aid care & Maintenance.
  • Parent’s Orientation Program. (Group & Individual)
  • Ear Check up/ Hearing Assessment
  • Teacher Orientation Program. (Group & Individual)
  • Auditory Training( group & individual)
  • Practical training of D.Ed students of Training College on speech therapy.
  • Language TrainingArticulation Correction. (Individual)
  • Reporting once in a year to the parents regarding Development.
  • Articulation Correction.
  • Voice Correction (Individual.)
  • Fluency Shaping Therapy. (Individual)
  • Evaluation after 6 months.

A brief synopsis is being mentioned of a student who has improved remarkably:

Subhajit Das:
He is a nine years old boy with Down syndrome was under the Speech Therapeutic Intervention Program in this
session. When he came here he had a lack of eye contact, restlessness, and often used monosyllabic meaningless jargon instead of oral communication, which was slurred.
That time he could follow few simple commands and also he is less stubborn. Now he is able to follow verbal instructions and respond to the speech training for longer period of time (minimum 30 mins). Eye contact improved.
He can write in single word. Presently he can speak in phrases and it is intelligible to a sympathetic listener.


  • Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute

    It was a great learning experience. We appreciate the efforts put in by the team at
    MVK. The children are given utmost attention and affection. We all feel humbled.

  • Desun Nursing School

    We thank Manovikas Kendra for a warm reception and orientation of the school.
    It was really helpful and this knowledge will definitely help our students in the future. The
    whole visit was very informative and an eye-opener for all of us.

  • Sister Florence College of Nursing

    This is a really good approach to help these children and their families and helpful
    to maintain social interaction. It is also a very creative, innovative, scientific and essential.
    A perfectly suitable institute for special children.

  • School of Nursing, Ruby General Hospital

    We are very thankful to the institution for sharing their valuable time with us! It
    was an excellent experience, where we came to know the different types of therapies
    that are provided here, we felt that this organization is doing a great job to help with the
    development of these children. We are grateful to the Principal of Manovikas Kendra for
    giving us an opportunity to visit such a great institution.


Students from different school and institution involved in various activities with our MVK students throughout the year. They are Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Modern High School Kolkata, University of Hyderabad, Telangana and Tata Consultancy Service.

Modern High School, Kolkata

Aasthika Das and Shreyasi Ray of Modern High School, Kolkata have volunteered in our Annual Sports 2015-2016. They have celebrated the occasion of Christmas with our MVK students and had fun.


Md. Shanawaz Khan He represented India and won gold medal in Softball at the Special Olympics Word Summer Games 2015 held at Los Angeles, USA. Currently he has been working in the Department at Disaster Management, Govt. at West Bengal .

Subhajit Nag In table tennis in the year of 2011 he represented INDIA in Athens, Special Olympics and won 2 gold medals, one in doubles & other one in mixed doubles. He is now appointed in Manovikas Kendra from 2017 to assist our Games, Yoga and Karate instructors. From 2012, he also assisted the Table Tennis coach in CLT.

After birth, Salmoli Chakraborty, suffered from birth Inoxia and is a slow learner. She studied in a regular school in her early years but she faced some learning challenges and was recommended for special schooling. Then she joined Manovikas Kendra. After studying for 2 years in the school unit, in March 2008, she got selected for the OBE Exam.Now she has completed C Level and is studying Pre-NIOS. Along with her studies, she joined a swimming club. Through the club, she took part in club competitions, district and state level competitions and then she got selected for a National Competition. In September 2016, under Special Olympics, she won a gold medal for 25m. She also participated in back stroke in National Games held in Mumbai. From there, she got selected for International Games camp. Her first camp was in Goa in September 2017. Then in March 2018, she joined Gurgaon camp, the Rajasthan camp in June and the Mumbai camp in October. In the Mumbai camp, she got selected for the Special Olympic World Games 2019, Abu Dhabi. She went to her last camp in February 2019 in Delhi and from there she went to Abu Dhabi. At the World Olympics, she won a gold medal in 25m breast stroke and bronze medal in 50m back stroke. She has also won 2 gold medals in ‘Khelo India’.
Swimming is Salmoli’s passion. She loves to swim. She also studies, participates in drama and mime etc.

Counselling Report 2016-17

Total 45 students attended counselling session with various emotional & behavioural problems. Total Counselling sessions are 28 and out of these sessions, 18 sessions are for Individual Counselling and 27 sessions are for Group Counselling. Various emotional & behavioural problems of the students are modified & tackled through various techniques.

Placement / Internship

INTERNSHIPS (2019 – 2020)

  1. 8 B.Ed students from Pradip Training Centre for Special Education were placed in our Institute
    for Clinical Experience.
  2. 5 students of Modern High School for Girls has been at our Institute for community outreach
    th th activity as a part of their curriculum from 14 – 17 May 2019 for 10 hours.
  3. 2 students from Mahadevi Birla World Academy has been at our Institute for Internship from 6th
    ‐17th May 2019 for 8 days.
  4. 2 students from J D Birla has been at our Institute for Internship.
  5. 4PG Diploma students in special education from Aspiring Professional Teachers Training
    th th Institute (APTTI) has been at Manovikas Kendra for clinical experience from 25 – 27 June 2019.
  6. 3 M.Sc Nursing Final year students from SSKM Hospital Campus has been at our institute for
    clinical experience.
  7. Students also from South Point School, Modern High School visited our institute for community
    outreach activity as a part of her curriculum on July 2019.
  8. Students from R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital visited our institute & collected data through
  9. About 18 students from University of Calcutta has been at Manovikas Kendra for observation.


DPS, Ruby Park have visited our institution twice a month for half an hour and they interacted and involved our students in various activities like music, dance, painting. They conducted interaction and fun sessions, narrating stories, making paper models, art & craft works etc. They celebrated Rakha Bandhan and distributed gifts which contained Rakhi and chocolates. During the Joy of Giving Week they put up a cultural performance for our students and distributed toys and gifts. They also played a Football Tournament . During the NIOS Examination, they write on behalf of the students who require Writer.


Members of TCS under the supervision of Mr. Sagar Dutta and coordinated by Supriya Agarwal and Vishal Prasad volunteered in our Saturday Club and assisted our Teachers and conducting classes. Supriya Agarwal and Vishal Prasad volunteered in our Annual Sports. They also organised a Sports events in our institution to celebrate Independence Day. They developed a ALP(Adult Literacy Program) software for our students. They organised the cultural program Prothsahan for the students.. They have organised a Spell B Competition and given token to our students.A Dental Checkup Camp has been organized by the members of TCS. The students of Saturday Club and Extended program attended the camp.


Dr. Souvik De(HOD – CSE), Dr. Paroma Bhowmik (IT, Professor) and Mr. Rudranath Banerjee (CSE) from Techo India developed a software for students with ASD, which was initially installed in 4 Tablets to be used in classrooms. Later on it was developed and installed in desktop to make learnings easier


We express our sincere thanks to Titagarh Wagons Limited for the contribution and support to Dhankhet Manovikas Kendra under their CSR activities.

Our special thanks to Mr. Pradip Sengupta of Smriti Sengupta Pathagar, for his contribution our special need children.

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